Shading community playgrounds with shade canopies


  • Ultraviolet rays are most intense between 10 am-4 pm…Recess and play time at the parks are most visited at this time.
  • One Blistering Sunburn in a child or adolescence doubles a person’s risk for developing melanoma.
  • The cost of shading a playground is seen as expensive and sometimes unnecessary, a 10×10 area averages $10,000.

 LSO Answer

  • The Sun Shade Project funds and organizes the placement of effective shade structures over local playgrounds and parks.


If you have a playground that needs shade, please contact us and we will review your request.

The Sun Shade Project

Shaded Playgrounds

BREC Perkins Road Community Park Playground!
(Kenilworth and Perkins Road)

final photo - perkins road 2

  • This is the most visited park in the BREC system, with over 27,000 households visiting yearly.
  • We provided over  3,200 square feet of Shade

Total Cost of Project: $38,000 | Ribbon Cutting of this Sun Shade: Fall 2014

BREC Goodwood Neighborhood Playground

  • Funding on-going

Total Cost of Project: $15,000 | Ribbon Cutting of this Sun Shade: Fall 2015


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